Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Skate Daze, Basketball and Surgery, Oh My!

A few weeks ago we were lucky enough to be able to attend the Omaha Down Syndrome Parent Network event at Skate Daze in Omaha. They have a giant indoor maze for the kids to play in and some fun video games. Ben loved the ball pit even. I hated to see him in it as I knew it was a total germ fest. I was surprised that a place like that did not have any hand sanitizer dispensers.

I tried to hose him down when we got out, but the damage was done. The runny nose and junky cough started within a day or two of our visit. We did also visit the Amazing Pizza Machine that day as well, so he could have picked up the germs there, but at least the APM had hand sanitizing dispensers everywhere you turned. Here are some pictures of the boys at Skate Daze.

Come on Mom! There is not that many germs in here!

Concentrate! Don't wreck!

I totally know my Mom is trying to take a picture, but this game is far too cool for me to care.

Noah is the luckiest person I know. I am pretty sure we will be taking a trip to vegas for his 21st B-day. He wins at everything. Especially poker. He could be betting with a pair of 2's and not even know he got a flush to win the hand. So while at the Amazing Pizza machine, they announced that everyone could sign up to win a play card worth $50.00. The boys were ready to play, but Ben was still eating, so I took the older two to sign up, to kill a little time. Guess who won. Of course Noah won. So after that we did not have to worry about which 2 rides they wanted to go on, as they got to do any ride or game they wanted. It was fun.

John's basketball team continues to do well. John and I have been battling about his hair. I took the picture below just so he could see how silly his hair looked when he was all hot and sweaty, and it was sticking up in different directions. The next day, he let me buzz all his hair off. Noah let me trim his up too. I think John will be much cooler at his games without all that thick hair. Plus I love to rub his head just after he gets a fresh buzz. I will post a picture after his next game so you can see the difference.

Ben is a little stinker. He is so sneaky. He is constantly going around checking all the doors and drawers to make sure the non toddlers in the house shut things up tightly. Every now and then, things get too quiet, and we know he has found a weak spot in our defenses. On this occaision, one of his big brothers did not get the bathroom door shut all the way, and he was just having a blast with the toilet paper. Luckily I caught him while most of the toilet paper was still on the roll.

Ben is having surgery this week to put in a second set of ear tubes, and to get stints in his tear ducts. It is fairly minor surgery, but please keep him in your prayers this week, that all goes well.