Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Perenniels and Outdoor Toys

It has been a pretty busy last couple of years and I have been neglecting some of the perennials around the two houses.  So one Friday while Ben was down for his nap, I decided to tackle the flower ring that at one time held tiger lilies, but now was mostly weeds and rocks and a bunch pavers that used to form a ring.  
I ran an extension cord outside, hooked up the monitor so I could hear Ben when he woke up and got to work.  Turns out there were way more tiger lilies in that planter than I thought.  After taking them all out, I counted over 100.  I put most of them back and potted 10 or so to give away.  Then I dug up some Lilly of the valley and split a couple Hosta.  Ben timed his nap perfectly and woke up just when I was washing my hands. 

My friend Andi, had asked if I could help her put in some plants at her house, so I decided to take some of my extras over to her.  It took a couple days after work to set out the plants I brought, plus a few more bulbs that she had.  On the last day I noticed a small slide in her back yard.  It was the perfect size for Ben.  I mentioned to her that I needed to find a slide like that, and she said I could have that one, as her kids had outgrown it.  Then she also gave me a short basketball hoop, just the perfect size for Ben to dunk.  

It was a nice trade.   Plants for toys.  I think I came out ahead on that one.
Here are a few pictures of Ben enjoying his new toys. 


Then it was time to go in.  Don't worry little Ben.  We will get to go out and play again real soon!