Saturday, February 13, 2010

We're More Alike Than Different

A while back, I noticed on another blog Monkey Musings a post about the the National Down Syndrome Congress campaign titled We're More Alike Than Different. In this campaign, they create posters meant to show everyone how children with Down syndrome are more like typical children than they are different. All you have to do to make a poster is fill out an online form and send in a picture, and the NDSC does the rest. In about a week they email a PDF poster of your child that you can take to any printer to be printed. To find out more about making a poster of your own, click here.
I thought about it for quite some time, wondering which thing Ben does that reminds me of when his older brothers were his age. He likes music, dancing, throwing balls, playing with toys, reading books, and clearing out the cupboards. But one of his favorite things to do, especially when we are not looking, is playing in the toilet and getting into the toilet paper. While his two older brothers are pretty good at attempting to get the door shut, they do not always get it latched, so Ben takes it upon himself to systematically check the doors and drawers around the house to see if anyone might have accidentally left something open that just might have something fun in it. The bathroom is no exception.
One afternoon recently, it was just a little too quiet for a minute, and when I saw the bathroom door cracked, I knew who was in there. Luckily the toilet seat was down, so the next best thing to for Ben to play with was the toilet paper. I quickly grabbed my camera and took a couple of shots.
Yes, I could have chosen a topic that was not quite so silly for Ben's poster. However, I truly think all kids know, if they want to play with something that someone's told them not to play with, they need to be really quiet - aka sneaky. Ben may have some delays in some areas, but at 23 months, I think he has getting into trouble down pretty good. He is ready to jump into his terrible two's with both feet. Are the rest of use ready? I hope so.
Sorry the poster picture is so small. The text reads: What toddler does not like to play with toilet paper? It rips easily, and comes on a handy little roll so it is easy to get more. Go ahead, leave the bathroom door cracked. I dare you!