Thursday, September 17, 2009

18 months old!

Ben is 18 months old today.
It is hard to believe that time goes so quickly. At first we were worried about Ben being behind and all the things he might not be able to do. But now I don’t worry so much. Ben is learning - just at his own pace. Can he do everything his peers can? Well no. But there are plenty of things he can do. Here are a few.

-Can crawl anywhere he wants to, and crawl fast if you are coming after him.

-Eats like a horse.

-Is drinking soy milk from a cup with a straw and is doing pretty good.

-Loves his thumb.

-Sleeps great.

-Loves to take a bath and play in the water.

-Cruises along the sofa, table and any other surface he can pull up on.

-Likes to pull up on the door or window.

-Loves to horse around with his big brothers.

-Signs all done, bath, more, and out.

-Waves hi and bye.

-Gives kisses (watch out for that tongue!)

-Loves to sway and dance to music.

-Likes to turn on the music on his crib toy, even if it is 4:00 in the morning.

-Communicates very clearly that if you have food you will be sharing some with him.

-Loves to have books read to him.

-Throws them on the floor when you say "the end".

-Can not stand to have his blocks, books or toys put away neatly in their containers.

-Throws his toys over his shoulder when he is done with them.

-Throws his cup and spoon over the edge of the high chair after every drink or bite.

-Sees himself in the mirror and says "Ba".

-Can reach things on the dining room table, that I thought for sure were out of his reach.

-Is very curious about his surroundings and likes to explore.

-Loves to clap for himself and for others.

-Has the most precious little belly laugh.

-Is a total flirt.

-Can melt your heart with his smile.

-Has been an inspiration to our whole family.