Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Just one of the crowd

One of the awareness campaigns of the National Down Syndrome Congress is the More Alike than Different campaign.  These ads emphasize that individuals with Down syndrome are more like the general population, than they are different from them.  But even when you have a crowd of people who are all very similar, certain people stand out.  
Ben stands out for a few different reasons:
He has a great smile, 
He is either overly enthusiastic about what he is doing, or he is on the floor refusing to budge.  
He stands out when he uses sign language.  
He stands out because of his personality.  
He stands out when he cheers for any team that scores.
He stands out because of his looks.  
He stands out whenever he shares his awesome laugh.
He stands out when he moves to the beat of his own drum.  

 I think this last line is what this quote is all about.  Ben enjoys life.  He does not play to win.  He plays because it is fun.   Fun and laughter make this world a happy place to live. 

Recently I read a new quote that went something like this.  God created Down syndrome to offset the large amount of boring people in the world.  I don't remember where I saw it, but it is so true! Ben takes all the boring out of the most every day.  So what if he stands out, so long has he does it with style.  

October is Down syndrome awareness month.  
The new Ben's Brigade website is up and running.  Please check it out to donate or purchase Down syndrome awareness items.  This year all proceeds will go to the LuMind Foundation for Down syndrome research.