Friday, September 20, 2013

3 on the 21st Blog Hop

For today's 3 on the 21st Blog Hop, hosed this month by With a Little Moxie, we are asked to post the following:
One truth (about Ds/our lives with Ds)
One tip (- information on something related to Ds/raising a child with Ds/or just parenting in general)
One photo

This is my first blog hop in a while so here goes:
One truth:  Kids with Down syndrome generally have a receptive knowledge that far surpasses  their expressive communication skills.

One Tip:  Sign Language and teaching reading as soon as a child understands 50 words, can help parents and educators have a more accurate way of measuring a child's receptive knowledge. 

One Photo:
This is a photo of Ben reading one of Mommy's books.  It does not matter if it is thick or thin, photos or no, Ben loves books.  He once carried a phone book around for a full week.  Took it every where he went and tucked in into bed with him at night. It was cute. 

Happy Blog Hop Everyone!