Thursday, August 22, 2013

First Day of School

Last week was Ben's first day of Kindergarten.  He was so excited to go.  He is in the general education class room, and there will be no para in the room.  However, they will have a student teacher for the first 6 weeks of class, so that will help, and then we will decide what level of para support is needed if any.

We went on a Tuesday night to the orientation where Ben got to find his desk, put his supplies away, and reacquaint himself with the classroom.  He spent about 20 minutes in there, decided he was done, and took off, sprinting for the gym.  He helped himself to a ball (there is a rack in the stairwell that leads to the stage, and stared playing basketball.  He was already at the free throw line ready to take his first shot when I caught up to him.  Mr. Warner the gym teacher was in there and I told him, if Ben ever comes up missing,  they should check the gym first.  The boy loves any game that involves a ball.

The first day of school was cold for Nebraska in August, so we took our traditional first day of school photos inside.  I loved the expression on Ben's face on his solo picture.  It think it really captured the joy he was feeling about going back to school.

Noah was not very interested in giving Mom a first day of school smile, so he settled for a "cool" pose.

John just plain scowled until I cracked a joke and made him laugh.  

 I was quite happy to get this pleasant of look on all of their faces at the same time. 

I am so glad I had him rid the bus home.  When I asked him what his favorite thing was from the first day of school he said, "I ride bus"!

 But full days of Kindergarten are hard on little boys.  It took a couple episodes of Barney the first day, but he was out.  He is getting better, now a few days later, but you can tell he is tired from the meltdowns that occur on a regular basis after he gets off the bus. 

 Hopefully things will be better next week.