Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Ben Reading Update

Those of you who know me, know I can't pass up a good garage sale.  One of my favorite days of the year is the first Saturday of June, when the small town of Eagle, just to the West of us, has their annual garage sale day.  It is the kind of place where you park your car and just walk around from sale to sale until your arms are full and you have to go back to your vehicle and unload your purchases.

 I have scored some great things over the years there: a swing set, tiller, clothes and sports equipment for the boys, books, yarn and more.  But the best by far, was an oak wash stand that belonged to my Grandfather, that my dad sold at an auction.  It was painted pink when he sold it. and I purchased completely refinished.  

But back to this year's garage sale story.  A retired teacher was having a sale, and I found a giant picture dictionary that I thought would make a great addition to my Signing Time sign language classes.  Since Ben learned to read from watching Signing Time videos where he was exposed to the word and the signs at the same time, I wanted to make sure to include written words, when I teach signing classes at ABC Signing Kids, as well.  The large size will make it easy for kids to see in a class or library setting.  Plus it was only $3.

 As soon as I got it home, however, Ben staked a claim on it, and was having a ball reading it and looking at the pictures in the giant book. I was really shocked at how many of the words he knew and how well he was reading.  I asked him what one of the words was, on top of a page, but he was being stubborn.  He said "No Mommy!   I will not read apple, dog, flower, ladybug, umbrella, banana, orange, carrot, pencil and ball" as he recited every word on the page.  I said "OK.  You don't have to read it to me", in hopes he would "not" read more while I slipped off for the video camera.  Unfortunately I only got him reading a couple more words on video,before he discovered what I was up to, but here it is.  I really think he is doing good for someone who has not been to Kindergarten yet.  Enjoy.