Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Not What I Expected!

Usually we keep the fridge locked.  Ben loves to get in an pick out something to eat.  Yesterday he dumped a pie on the floor. But every now and then he gets out an appropriate snack (usually yogurt or a pepper). 

Today when I heard him in the fridge, I let him go to see what he would get.  After I heard him in the silverware drawer, I was sure he was getting himself spoon to eat his yogurt with and went in to help take the top off.

But when I got to the kitchen, he had his spoon poised over..............
The tub of margarine.  Yuck!  

I am not sure why but he has been trying to eat the margarine a lot lately and must have decided he does not get enough when he just sticks his hand in it and needed a spoon, so he could get a nice big bite.

Unfortunately because of Ben, my margarine now looks like this:

Does this mean he is deficient in something that would make him crave this nasty stuff?  Or maybe he just likes the smooth texture?  Going to have to makes sure the fridge lock is in place and the margarine is on the top shelf until this phase passes!  Hopefully it passes quickly!