Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Creative Play

Ben's creative play has exploded in the last year.  He can find a game in about anything all by himself.  I love how he tries to engage others when he comes up with something he really likes.  Here are some examples.  A  ball of yarn and bowling pin were a baseball and bat.  His refrigerator alphabet letters became friends when he played a games of red rover on his toy chest.

Then the other day he wanted his flash cards down.  I asked him "are you going to make a mess with them"?  He answered "YES"!  At least he is honest.  I asked "are you going to help pick him up when you are done"?  His reply was the cute little thing he does when ever I give him a choice between two things.  He says  "Hmmm" and taps his chin like he is thinking.  I guess clean up or not clean up is technically a choice.  When he decided he shook his head "no" and ran off with the cards.
A few minutes later I found this:  

 Ben was reading his word cards, then laying them out in a circle. 

 Then he got up and started touching each card saying "duh" (Duck)

 Duck, Duck Duck

Then "Duce" (goose)
and he would grab a card and take off. 

 Around the circle

 Being chased by an invisible classmate.

Until he gets safely back home. 

It was so cute.  Then he would take a moments to scold a few of his classmates (by name)  and tell them to be quiet or to sit back down.  His game went on for at least a half hour.  He is such a little copy cat. At one point he folded his arms and sighed loudly.  Not sure which teacher does that, but I am sure he has her reaction down perfectly.   It was such fun to watch.  

 I can't wait to see what you come up with next week big guy!

Even at his fundraiser this weekend, it just took a couple kids sitting on the floor next to each other and Ben going up to them and touching each on the head saying Duck, Duck, Goose for a game to break out.  The 5th graders were more than happy to join in, and then take over the game.  The Jr High kids were not that adventurous and just watched the kids run around them.  It was still neat to see Ben initiate this activity and for all the kids to enthusiastically join in.
Thanks to everyone who came out and bought, DSAF awareness items, Barefoot Books, Signing Time product or my crafts.  A special thank you to the Cass County Creative Cats 4-H club for bringing cookies, helping to entertain the shoppers, shopping, and for helping to clean up afterwards!  We really appreciated everything that was done to help out this great cause!