Thursday, October 18, 2012

Happy Fall Ya'll!

The local Down synrome support group went to a local pumpkin patch this weekend.  We did not really mind that it was muddy since the rain that fell the night before was the first we had in weeks.  The patch was fun and our group pretty much had the place to ourselves to start the day.

They have a Scary Farm at night.  I think we will pass on that for a few years.

Ben really enjoyed the big bikes of the Roca 500.  John did not enjoy them as much due to the wet ground.  At least he got a good workout from it all.

Then there was the giant slide.  I gave John strict instructions to go down with Ben, since last year I have a photo of John letting go of a terrified Ben.  However, this year Ben was able to control his speed on this very long slide, and went back multiple times. 

Unfortunately Ben's little hind end was not big enough to dry the slide off for John, so they both ended up with damp seats. 

John helped Ben dig in the corn.  Ben enjoyed making corn angels.  He was a damp, corn dust wearing mess when he got out. 

He was sad when John made him get out of the corn to go take the group photo.  

But being with Mom made it all better.  The kid can go from happy, to totally ticked off, back to happy, faster than anyone I know. 

Hope everyone is enjoying fall as much as we are!  
Next to figure out what everyone will be for Halloween.