Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Parade Fun.

 The Murdock 4th of July Parade was lots of fun.  The float turned out cute too.  We got Runner Up for best float and won $80 so it was well worth the effort.  We raised another $80 by selling water, beads and kids games, so over all the 2 hours was a success.  Here are more photos from the day.

 The Family on the back of the float.  John was more than willing to skip the second day of de-tasseling so he could ride on the float.

 Ben enjoyed an ice pop before the parade started. 

 We had kids from the 4-H club and families that have walked with Ben's Brigade in the past come help throw candy and hold the banner.  Noah got demoted from throwing candy, since he thought it was fun to throw it as hard as he could. 

 Here is the other side of the float.  Anna's Angels team was kind enough to loan us their posters so we had both boy and girl representation.  I also cut up one of the mis-printed calenders an put those pictures on the sign holders as well. 

 Hey guys!  There a two under here!

 Soon Ben figured out it was fun to dunk his head in the duck wash pan.

Noah found the best way to sell water, was to get a ride from his friends.  By the way, that red hair paint still has not completely come out.

Over all it was a fun day.  Thanks to the community for supporting Ben's Brigade!