Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Ben's Got Game!

Since the beginning of December we have been to an average of 3 basketball games a week for John and Noah.  Ben goes right along with us. He loves to sit with his buddy Sara (Wes's Mom) and eat popcorn at the Small Fry games.  Together they have been working on learning the hand signals the officials use.  He likes to call travels and shooting fouls.  There have been a few occasions when a referee was near that he gave them an earful.  Good thing we can't understand what he is saying.  (He takes after his Dad on those). At home he runs up and down the hallway wearing one of his brothers lanyards with the end in his mouth. (No, I am not thrilled about it)  pretending to be a referee with a whistle.  
I have tried to bring things to games to entertain him, which works for half time and time outs, but when the game is on,  he lets me know very clearly that he is there for a reason.  He watches the game.  He cheers for anyone who makes a good play no matter what team they are on.  His other passion is running on the floor after the game.  He goes to the free throw lines and shoots pretend baskets from each end of the court.   The only exception to his good behavior is when he is tired or hungry, then he gets a little squirmy, but for the most part he really pays attention. 
It is obvious that he looks up to his older brother and really wants to do exactly what they are doing.  He is such a sponge right now with imitating what he sees (good and bad).   The following video shows some of the good things he has picked up from going to all those games. 

I am ready for basketball season to be over, but I don't think he is.