Friday, December 23, 2011

The last 30 days in pictures

 It was a beautiful day on on Thanksgiving when the cousins sat down to take this picture.  The sitting lasted all of about 30 seconds and then they were all off in different directions.  

 The next day while mom was at her craft fair Noah and Ben went to see Santa at the fire hall.  Santa and fire trucks.  Now that is cool!

 A week later all three of them got to see Santa.  It was a snowy day for the DSAF of NE Christmas party, but there was still had a good turn out. 

 Noah had fun singing at his Christmas program. 

Ben had fun singing at his also.  He seemed to have a bit more trouble staying focused and staying in line with his class mates.  There was a baby in the room that needed to be loved up.
  One day while a repairman was out working on our internet this little guy showed up on our patio.  I assured the repairman that we did not have a pet raccoon and that when they are out in the daylight, they are most likely sick, so he picked a different door to leave from.  I attempted to nudge him with a broom and he would not leave.  Fearing he may be rabid, I called the county sheriff to see what they suggested.  The sheriff that came out agreed that it was sick and shot it.  Luckily the ground was soft so it was not hard for Randy to bury it when he got home. Hopefully it did not pass it's illness on to any other animals in our area.

Ben helped to decorate the Christmas tree.  He also helps to un-decorate it a little bit every day. 

One of John's basketball seasons is over already.  However that meant practice every day and 2 games a week for most of December.  They had a good year and won the tournament at the end.

Ben is not enjoying the buzzer this year.  In fact it scares him.  He watches the clock count down to zero and holds his little ears as shown above.  At least we know those tubes are working.

Noah is playing with the Varsity Small Fry team that John plays with.  He is enjoying learning a new system, and holds his own against the 6th and 7th graders.  It will be a long basketball season for him by the time he is done playing Rookie Small Fry (against 3rd, 4th and 5th graders) in April. 
One Friday night we had very dense fog.  However that fog turned into beautiful shimmering ice the next morning in the sun.  It was a pretty drive into Lincoln, and I had to stop and take quite a few pictures.
The moon was beautiful coming home from Lincoln that same Saturday Night.  The sun was not quite down in the West so it really made the moon glow in the East.  This was taken outside of Eagle.