Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Noah!

Happy 8th B-day Noah!

We celebrated Noah's Birthday, Saturday with a scavenger hunt for the boys in his class.  OK.  It really was not a scavenger hunt.  It was more like a contest with clues.  We split the boys into two teams:  Black and Tan and gave them hats in their team colors.  Then had them read a clue that told them what task they needed to do, and how many points they could earn by successfully completing each challenge.  The tasks were to throw a football through a hoop, shoot baskets, putt a golf ball, kick a soccer ball into a net, dig treasure out of the sandbox, fill a cup with water using a spoon, and climb over the jungle gym.  Here are pictures of each team while they were on the jungle gym.

After playing the game, ( the black team won ) we had cake and ice cream, and opened presents.  The boys finished the party with a game of kick ball.  It was a bit hot out, but I think they had fun. 
I know Noah did.

On a different topic, we have been seeing a lot of wild animals around lately.  We had a wedding after the birthday party, Saturday, and saw a bob cat that was hit and killed on our way to Lincoln.  Turns out it was our neighbor that hit it on his way to the reception.   Then we saw a coyote, standing in the road just north of our drive way, that ran into the corn field next to our house.  I had always told the boys when they were little not to wander into the corn because coyotes lived in there.  At least now the boys know I was not making that up.  Plus the coyotes have been making a lot of noise at night, so I knew they were around.    Yesterday I saw a beaver or a ground chuck run into the barn.   And I usually have a deer who watches me water the garden at night from the tree line across the field.  It makes me little nervous about little Ben being out side playing and straying away from me.  He likes to explore and is going faster everyday.   Not that most of those animals would hurt a 2 year old, but a bob cat or a coyote?  I think I will carry a golf club or a baseball bat with me the next time we go outside.