Sunday, November 23, 2008

Barn Quilt

Yesterday a group of gentlemen came to the John Family Homestead to hang the Barn quilt, in conjunction with the Cass County Barn quilt project. Here is the address for the Barn quilt brochure.

At first when the FBLA approached us, Dad did not want to put a quilt on the barn. But I said, "Well Dad, if you put one up, some day a nice little old widow might drive up you driveway and ask to take a closer look at the quilt. I kind of forgot about it, until about a week later when Dad brought me all the paperwork completely filled out to apply for the quilt and asked me to help him pick out a quilt block. I guess the possibility of attracting a nice widow to the farm was too good to pass up. Too bad Dad did not live long enough to see it put up.

The name of the quilt is Harvest Star. Dad picked out the quilt because he liked the red, white, and blue in it. Above is a picture of the quilt and below is the sign. The quilt is a bit hard to see from the highway, but it is visible.